Chiasso Couch

I have fallen in love with this WHITE VINYL couch from Chiasso.com!!


  1. This reminds me of Holly Golightly's sofa (half a bathtub)!!
    Much more budget friendly than this one I spotted:

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be able to nab one of these Chiasso's but with a houseful of kids it's not so practical! I'd throw on some pink and purple satin pillows and put a zebra rug in front ala Holly G.!! Would be a great setting for my yellow cat. :)

  2. Arrgghh! Sorry my links didn't work out. I got lazy with my html. :)

    Holly's Apartment


    Bathtub Sofa


  3. I thought the price for this couch was good!! We might actually buy it. (still have to get the house first!!) That bathtub couch is really cool!! I wish I wasn't in love with "modern stuff" so much!!!


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