So I am doing it again.....decorating a house I don't "own" yet!! lol :) I can't help it. Today on "desire to inspire",..they did inspire me to maybe attempt wallpaper for the very first time. I want to do a red & white kitchen, with HIGH Gloss White cabinets from IKEA.

I love this red & white wallpaper. I am thinking something like this would go well with my "Jetsons" theme, and look good on this one wall in the picture below. ( the wall that is painted orange)

But, I don't know how my husband will feel about "hanging" wallpaper. Someone once told me,...that you must hang wallpaper with your spouse,...that it was a true test to see if you can get through it together. (Without killing each other of course!!)


  1. All I have to say is...good luck with that. I would NEVER EVER attempt to hang wallpaper with my boyfriend. His lack of patience and our combined inexperience with wallpaper would cause a huge brawl. HUGE.

  2. Go for it. That's a pretty straight forward wall and the Decor Maison site even has a how to hang wallpaper page. First step.....get the house. Good luck!!!!


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