Water and More Water...

Its been raining alot here in OHIO. We went back to look at the house yesterday, and I must say it was very upsetting for me. You couldn't even walk into the doorway and entry without getting wet. Water is coming in the front entry and sitting on the floors. Its dripping down from the light fixture in the entry too.

There is standing water on the floor. Its hard to see in the photos,..but you can see how the floor is "darker",..especially on the wood floor.

I walked throw the house and found blankets to help dry up what was sitting on the floors. Then I found a few buckets, and vases to help catch some water. There really was no point,.but I was in tears. And very angry that the women who owns the home let this house go. Its being destroyed.

You might be able to see the "drips" of water in this photo. Now all this has to be replaced. More drywall work then we expected. More new flooring then we expected. Which of course means more money. :( We still are going to go forward with it. I am just nervous, because it our first fixer upper. The bank that owns it seems to be leaning towards accepting our offer. So, I guess thats good. :) They need estimates of how we plan to use the extra money we are getting from our lender. So that is where we are at right now. I am trying not to stress,..but its supposed to rain all weekend!!!! You go in the house and it sounds like a "rain forest". Its sounds like its raining in the house. Scary.


  1. That's terrible! Why do people just let things go like that? I hope things go through for you...I know you are nervous about it but I know that you have the drive and talent to save that house.

    And to make you feel a little bit better: it's snowing here! :)

  2. It's such a shame when people don't understand or appreciate what they have. That house is fabulous and I hope you get it because what it needs is some TLC from a family that appreciates it. I so want a flat roof house...but there aren't many where I live.

  3. Flat roofs make such a cool looking house,..but its hard to keep them dry inside. :( I was upset the other day,..but I still want the house. I think we are going to buy some buckets and stuff to help keep the water from soaking into the floors even more. It could still be a few months before we even get it. Because the banks take so long!!! We still love it,.and know we can save it. :)

  4. My last house (rented) was 100 years old and had a flat roof - MAJOR leakage problems with it. Not sure why they thought back then that flat roofs were useful. The landlords had dealt with lots of problems - and will soon have to replace it (and I'm guessing make it slanted. Horrible that you had to walk into the house like that. I'm pleasantly surprised you're still going through with this.

  5. We also used to have a flat roof and it leaked like the Dickens but it was OLD. Luckily, they aren't terribly expensive to replace unlike wood shingle. If you still feel like it's supposed to be your house then go for it - just prepare for more expenses that you think it will take!

  6. We are getting $20,000 for repairs. So, we'll see. We really feel we should live there,..so we'll take the risk. :)


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