Still Waiting......

Here is a little update on the house!
We found out the seller lives in Chicago, and hasn't lived in the house since July 2003. The seller left her teenage daugther's behind, and they lived in the house. This explains all the crap that was left behind. There is family photos everywhere, and the closets are full of clothes! I see stuff, and I think "Why would you leave that behind?" So, anyways, we offered less than the seller OWES on the house. But she accepted our offer,... but the catch is getting the bank to take a loss on the house/loan. The house needs SAVED very soon. Everytime it rains more water comes in the house. IF we get it, my husband and I will have our work cutout for us. Lots of tearing walls and floors out, killing mold, and lots of cleaning. Yes, I still want the house. For someone reason every house we ever want has "issues". So, we feel we are meant to rehab a fixer upper!!! We could know something soon, or it could be weeks. *fingers crossed* We are waiting for the bank to give an answer!


  1. I have my fingers crossed for ya!!

  2. Oh! I am really hoping for the best for you...I really like this house!

  3. I will have more pictures tomorrow. We are going to look at it again. :)


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