Traveling to California - Day 1

First let me say how tired I am right now. I should be sleeping, not blogging. I really wanted to share my day though! As you may have figured out from the title of the post, I have left for California!!! I actually found a place that I could afford to rent. It just fell into my lap. I found out on Tuesday and decided to leave this morning at 5:00am. I drove over 13 hours today and almost 900 miles. I drove through Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and ended in Oklahoma City.

Travel to California Day 1/ April 14 2011

My Yorkie Muffins slept the whole way! I had to force her to take pee breaks. She loves riding in the car. She is such a great dog. I really enjoyed the drive. It was a nice day. The only bad part was a thunderstorm I hit in Oklahoma! I actually saw a funnel cloud and it scared the crap out of me. I was glad to see that the funnel cloud went back up into the sky and not down to the ground!!!! I am running on 3 hours of sleep, caffeine and adrenaline. It is time for me to sleep. I can't wait to see Cody on Saturday!


  1. Hi! Wow. 900 miles in one day. Nothing can stop a girl motivated by love. Is Muffins the only pet you took with you?

  2. Good luck and safe travels on your trip!

  3. Thanks! Yes, Muffins is my little yorkie I took with me. :) She is 11 years old and really would be sad away from me.


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