Traveling to California - Day 2 and 3

I made it! After a total of 37 hours of driving I made it to Cody! Day 2 I started in Oklahoma City and drove to Flagstaff Arizona. (862 miles) I must say its a beautiful BEAUTIFUL drive. I loved every moment of it. The speed limit is 75mph for most of the drive! It was great. I basically used my cruise control the whole day.
Travel to California Day 2

Muffins pretty much slept again for 13 hours straight. lol I guess the car makes her sleepy. New Mexico was very pretty and I really loved Arizona. I could definitely see myself living in Arizona someday.

Day 3 was even more beautiful. (626 miles) The best part was past Flagstaff Arizona and right before the California border. The mountains and the scenery was breathtaking. I really got a good sense of independence and appreciation for life during this trip. There is so much beauty out there just waiting to be discovered! You just gotta go out there and find it!
Travel to California Day 3

Everything went well with Day 3 till I got on Highway 15. Then all hell broke loose. It was just normal driving in till I looked up in my rear view mirror and saw all these cars flying towards me! (Remember I am driving my Mustang and I don't drive like a grandma!) Traffic and people changed. Then as I got closer and closer to LA and all the other cities and attractions it was bumper to bumper. I was so stressed out. After spending days on the open road and basically being all by myself on the highway, then going into heavy TRAFFIC was a huge change. I did make it to Cody by 2:30pm on Saturday though! It was great being able to finally be done with my journey and be with him again. He was able to spend the night with me Saturday evening. I finally got some real sleep. Today we just were lazy and enjoyed doing nothing.
Travel to California Day 4

Tomorrow I move to my new place. Cody and I can't wait till next weekend when we get to spend more time together. I will see him a few times through out the week, but I want him to focus on his school work not me. The weekends will be for us. :)


  1. Welcome to Sunny California! Get used to the traffic it's a way of life out here!
    Mod Diva

  2. I hate the 101 Highway! As I got closer to Lompoc the drive was better and beautiful! Its just not a big enough highway for the amount of people! lol It needs like 10 lanes!

  3. Cody looks VERY happy to see you! :)


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