32 Days

This probably has been the longest 32 days of my life. It feels more like 62 days since I have seen Cody. There has been a lot of progress since then though. Today I am renting a storage unit and starting to move boxes into it all by myself. (It is going to be a hell of a workout!) I officially have a California address. My apartment is sitting empty in CA waiting for me to move in. Woo-Hoo!!!! I plan to move my stuff out this weekend in hope that it will help rent my current apartment. If my leasing manager rents my apartment I won't owe money to break my lease. That would be awesome! Cody is super excited to have me coming out to see him. He finally starts his schooling for his career next Tuesday. Unfortunately I couldn't get to California before he started, so it means I will probably only see him on the weekends. Anytime that I can get with him is better then no time at all.
california flowers and me
Last night I spent the evening with my friend Robin. She is also a military wife. She really inspires me, because she is so strong. Her husband gets deployed to Iraq and they are apart for months at a time. She helps me to have the strength to just keep going everyday. This whole experience with Cody has made me such a stronger person already and it has only been since January! It has put everything in life into perceptive for me. You realize what is and isn't important anymore. I have let go of so many bad past life experiences and learned to grow from them. Things that hurt me for years don't even matter anymore. What matters is my husband and our future together. My friend Robin sells Mary Kay products and I let her do a facial for me yesterday. It was really fun. Of course, they also were looking to recruit new woman to sell the products. It is not something I had ever considered doing before. Everything about it really seems to be a fit into my life though. Minus the fact that I am not super girly and not sure how I feel about working with a bunch of women. I have always been the girl that has only guy friends. lol That was also the Jessie in high school and growing up. Things are different now. I have learned who to trust and not trust. I worked with great women at IKEA! It is something for me to think about while in California. Cody supports it because he wants to see me get a Pink Cadillac lol I have no idea where my life is going. I would like to pursue design, not makeup.

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