Pink Kitchen

SSSHHHHH!  Don't tell my husband.  I am dreaming of painting my next kitchen PINK.  I think I will be able to get away with it, since Cody will be going to Boot camp anyways.  I said to him the other day, "Remember this apartment is going to like MY apartment,.....so I am going to decorate it for me."  He is not stupid.  He knows the translation for that means: LOTS OF PINK.   lol  Here is some inspiration....

Image source {HERE}
pink kitchen

Image source {HERE} 2285690288_506d95c782_b
                   Image source {HERE}                                                 Image source {HERE}

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The dishes above are from Target by Liberty of London. I didn't plan on painting when I moved into an apartment! I have so many decorating ideas that do NOT involve plain white walls!!! We'll see what happens! I got find a place first.


  1. I love all that pink tile. Don't think my husband would go for it though :)

  2. I read this post about retro pink refrigerators and how they are hard to come by. Well, did you know you can spray paint refrigerators with that enamel metal paint?

    also, one couple took their fridge to an auto painting place and they painted it this retro pink there.


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