Inspiration: Jonathan Adler

Rooms designed by Jonathan Adler and photos taken at his stores...

Adler Liz Lange Domino Mag JonathanAdler7

Jonathan Adler __ Interior Design-2

Ever since Ally did her "What's your style in one photo" post and I picked a room by Jonathan Adler, I realized how much I do love his style. I love the color combinations and patterns he uses in all his designs. If there was one designer I would choose to help me decorate my home it would be him.


  1. love love LOVE the blue walls!
    and the couch is dying to have a beautiful woman in an evening gown drape over it.
    could do without the "LOL," though...

    thanks for the inspiration!

    -ashley jewel t.

  2. Great choice for style in one room...I didn't find my photo yet...hope soon enough.
    btw, stop by my blog, I've nominated you for sweet award..because I love your blog and your designs. Keep up the good work :)


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