* House Update *

We finally got an offer!!!

We have had close to or over 60 showings and 2 successful open houses. Yesterday I showed the house 6 times. It has gotten to the point to where we can't even "live" in our home. We work and show the house. I basically sleep and shower in my house, that is it. Now back in May we had an offer and the girl backed out. So, I am not getting overly excited just in case something bad happens again. We are doing a "short sale", which means our bank has to accept the offer not us. It could take a few months to close. I really hope this is going to be over now. :)

UPDATE : * As of July 18th we signed the offer!! Now we just wait for our bank. Short sales can take anywhere to 2 months to a year! Lets hope we are lucky! *

UPDATE : * As of August 4th, Our "buyer" came to our home a 3rd time and then he backed out. So, back to the drawing board! We are so over this. Going to try to keep our heads up!!


  1. Good luck!! I hope it goes quickly for you. I can only imagine how stressful it is to sell a home.

  2. Thanks! We have decided to rent an apartment no matter what. It is to hard trying to live in a home you are always "showing".

  3. Hopefully this offer has a good outcome. Fingers crossed Jess! Good luck!


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