Design Board - Melissa's Bold Apartment

Melissa contacted me seeking help with her apartment. She already has the Red Sofa, Black & White Rug and the TV Stand. I wanted to add a few bold colors that would pop against the red sofa. I love turquoise and red together. Then I thought why not add a little yellow also...

melissasapartment 1


Yellow Coat Rack
Yellow & White Vase
Small White Vase
Turquoise Lamp
Wall Color
Marimekko Wall Hanging
Red Sofa
Black & White Striped Pillows
Yellow Pillows
TV Stand
Turquoise Vases
White Coffee Table
Elephant Fabric
Warhol Print
Red Tray
Chevron Patterned Fabric

Inspiration Photos: Wallpapered Room with red sofa {HERE}, Turquoise Room {source unknown}, Vintage Vases {HERE}

Since Melissa emailed me a few pictures of her living room I was able to come up with some more detailed boards...
Lack Shelf bench image {HERE}

Melissa living room detail1

The Monroe Warhol print or Marimekko Wall hanging would pull the color scheme together.
melissa apartment detail 2

Other links not listed above:
Red Lack Shelf
Patrik Red Chair
Ribba Frames

Happy Decorating Melissa! I hope these design boards inspire you!


  1. hi Jessie!
    These are awesome collages and ideas! =]
    ...a question...did use photoshop to make these collages? thnks!

  2. Thanks. Yes I use Photo Shop. :)


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