Muffins get a haircut {finally}

We finally gave Muffin a haircut! My husband did most of the work while I stood close by to comfort her. She hates being groomed and will bite strangers who try to cut her hair! So, we do it...
Muffins gets a haircut - April 2010

With a new haircut, comes a new dress...
Muffins new dress - April 2010

Muffin loves wearing clothes and loves riding in the car...
Muffins in the Car - April 2010

I am still cutting her hair a little bit each day. She hates it, so its a long process! lol
Muffins - April 2010


  1. Gosh your puppy is so cute... and that dress is to die for lol

  2. There was a puppy under all that hair? :) So cute. Love her new dress.

    I got the prints today. Thanks so much! I'll be sure to post them on my blog. I love them.


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