*Fingers Crossed*

We got our first offer on the house yesterday!!!! We will be signing the paper work to accept it tonight or tomorrow. We are excited but nervous at the same time. We just hope they don't back out on us. My husband and I spent the day looking at apartments. It is so hard trying to decide on one! Some are so pricey for very little space. We have one we feel good about. It is close to my work and has most everything we need and want. Just gotta hope that everything works out!!!!! I really have to get rid of MORE furniture. We have a certain price range we are trying to stay within and that means little living space. Which means Jessie has to throw more stuff away. :(


  1. Hi Jessie, crossing my fingers for you. Are you thinking of a loft apartment or are they too expensive in Cincinnati? I dream of having an open kitchen, but loft apartments are too expensive here.

    As you know, I've been getting rid of stuff. It is hard. I can't believe how much stuff I have!

  2. That's good you have an offer already. Your house hasn't been on the market for very long at all! I hope the people are serious about it.
    *fingers crossed!* :)

  3. Thanks Dan & Peggy! :)

    I would love a loft apartment in Cincy, but it won't fit our "pet" needs. Having 2 small dogs you have to worry about a lot more. I need a bottom unit with a patio/grass area. I have found a few, but it is so hard to choice one.



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