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Girl Whimsy is a great blog featuring vintage design, fashion, home decor and just lots of lovely images!!! I love Debbie's blog! Here are some photos from her blog that I love....

Photo from Girl Whimsy

Photo from Girl Whimsy

Photo from Girl Whimsy

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  1. Hi sweetie -

    I was scrolling through my dashboard when I scrolled down to this & nearly fell off my chair when I saw my header! Girl, I'm sending you kisses across the internet waves. You just don't know how it makes me feel to be one of your "blog loves". I'm ready to cry even as I write this 'cause you just don't know if anyone's paying any attention to your little corner of the net! Thank you so much, baby doll. I'm freakin' out, right now! My Mod Style is one of my blog loves, too!

    I just featured my first outfit post. Come check it out! xoxo



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