Design Board - Pink & Black Bedroom for Tee

Tee contacted me for some help decorating her new apartment! My design plan was based around her beautiful bedding and having a girly feel to her room....

Pink & Black Apartment / Design Board


Marilyn Monroe Poster {HERE}
Bedding {HERE}
Mirror {HERE}
Jewelry Tree {HERE}
Pink Lamp {HERE}
Curtains {HERE}
Pillow {HERE}
Picture Frame {HERE}
Pink Chair {HERE}
Chalkboard Decal {HERE}
Pink Storage Box {HERE}
Dress Form {HERE}

Inspiration Photos :

Bedroom / Image source unknown

Bedroom / Image source unknown

Wallpapered Bookcase / Image source {HERE} Scranton Design Inspiration
                    Wallpapered Bookcase

I hope these ideas and inspiration help Tee out with decorating her new home!!! { Thanks Tee for contacting me! I enjoyed designing this for you! }


  1. Stunning and simply all in one...absolutely fabulous!!!!

  2. Love this post. Love me some pink! Doesn't PB teen have the cutest lamps?

  3. OMG!! I love it so muchhh!! Thanks so much for helping me out .... I love the design board... I'll be sending my mom this link. Once again Thank You


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