Fabric As Wallpaper & More

I am obsessing over fabric used on walls, as backdrops in bookcases and hung as art! Sooner or later I know I will sell my home and move to an apartment! I don't want to do a lot of painting so I know fabric will come in handy.

This bedrooms walls match the headboard! Image source {HERE} My Favorite & My Best
Fabric covered walls Learn how to fabric your walls {HERE}

I am going to challenge myself to use fabric on the walls in my apartment! I also found a post on Little Green Notebook about fabric used in the back of kitchen cabinets! You can check out the whole blog post {HERE}

Image source / Little Green Notebook {links above}
Fabric in Cabinets

I look forward to attempting this!! Should be fun. :) Anyone have any suggestions on a great place to buy fabric???

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