Magazine Collages

What I made today.

I haven't taken much time to "enjoy" decorating the house. Last night I was going through old magazines, and instead of throwing them away, I used them to make collages.

I have a fetish for collages. I don't know why, but I love the look. I plan on framing these in white 8"x8" square frames that I bought at the Dollar Store. I will be hanging these in my PINK office. I have been doing nothing but painting WHITE walls at the house. So, I needed a break. It was like "therapy" making these today.


  1. These turned out really cute! I love collage too! And your color choices are amazing!

    Everytime I see something I like, I think, wow that such be made into a HUGE poster, you know like at rasterbator. Have you ever done that? I understand that even though it's free, it uses a lot of ink.

    Great work. Can't wait to see these hanging in your office. I am getting excited that you are almost to the decorating stage!

  2. Yes I have used the rasterbator. It takes alot of ink and paper. But if you use good heavy paper and really plan on hanging it,...I think its worth it. :)


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