Rehab Weekend #14 and #15

August 18 ~ 26
This was 9 days in a row of working on the house. My husband took a vacation from work, to work on the house.

Our first day was spent going to IKEA yet again. We lucked out and got 42 boxes of our Tundra Flooring. We bought some rugs and lots of lighting for the house. We decided to go with this light fixture for our entryway. We only could get something that hung 12 inches, so I couldn't get anything I really wanted.
KULLA Ceiling lamp

Once I got it to the house and out of the box I really liked it. I think its going to be perfect. Works with the all the "white" in the house. :)
We got 3 track lights to put in our hallway.
RADIUM spotlights

We spent alot of time starting work on the living room. The fireplace wall finally got insulation and drywall. woohoo!!!!

This was our first time doing drywall, and I must say its time consuming. We still have alot of work to do.

Its strange too see something besides studs, but GREAT! Its actually feeling like a living room. I am getting very excited about painting and decorating.

My husband sitting on the porch daydreaming,...wishing that the house was just done.

Then it was time to do flooring.... lots of flooring....
I love my PINK office with its pretty White floor. Found this great HOT PINK shag rug at a local store for $80.00!!

I love it,....but didn't plan on such a "Pink Office", but I haven't had any other luck with finding rugs I liked. The shag rug is VERY soft too. So, it will double as a Cat bed I am sure. lol I hate covering the white floor, but I have to have something for my feet. I plan on putting a big desk on the rug.

The rest of the week was spent doing lots of flooring!!!!!

The White floor looks wonderful. :) Only room left is our MasterBedroom. We are getting there.

We had our first "real" meal at the house on Aug 25th. My husband loved using his stove finally. There is never enough time to cook,...and I must say 4 months of mainly fast food SUCKS!!!!!

My Dad framed our walls for our Closet and Master Bathroom. I can't wait to see my bathroom come to life!!! (My $500 shower door.)

These 2 photos below are the closet. We decided to build the closet in the garage, instead of putting it back in the masterbedroom. We wanted the room to be bigger.

I painted my "Do it for the Butterflies" in my Green Room..... It makes me smile everytime I see it. :)

Goodbye Orange wall.

I have also started to paint some of my old furniture WHITE.

So, yes, we have been busy. So for the long delays in my posts. But we only have a few more months to get everything done,...and we are working on it daily now. Think I am going to get some new furniture from IKEA soon. Also, IKEA is being built here in OHIO where I live,....and I want to work for them as an Interior Designer. I think its a job that would be perfect for me and my style. So I am trying to get the house done before they post the job opening online. Time's ticking.....


  1. LOVE the pink shag rug and white floors. Looks great! We just finished hanging IKEA shelves in the craft room. The white ones weren't white enough so I painted them. Hurray for you guys getting an IKEA...they really should be everywhere!

  2. I found you on flickr and thought I would read your blog. I'm truly impressed by your work on your house. Good luck with each rehab weekend...and the job at Ikea. I love Ikea too and I'm lucky to have one near my house (San Diego). Good Luck again!


  3. Your flooring looks amazing!! I would LOVE to have white floors. Maybe the next house. Loving the pink shag too!

  4. I can't believe how much work you have done. Every muscle must be aching!!! It looks so good. Love the white floor.

  5. We tried doing our own drywall, but the seams weren't smooth enough, so that went to our contractors. We did love doing our bamboo floor. Once you get going it is pretty easy, and what a transformation! Your ranch is really coming along nicely, and congrats on eating at home again!


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