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My Interior Design business isn't booming or anything. Which is fine. The house is taking up so much of my time I couldn't imagine trying to do other things along with it!! I live in OHIO, where IKEA is finally finally finally being built. They just posted a job opening for the Interior Designer Manager. Which that is NOT the job I am after. Plus that job requires a degree, which I do NOT have.

The Interior Decorator position that they will hire for, is to design the IKEA displays. Which I think is a dream job for me. I think I would be very good at it. Lucky for me, they don't require you to have a degree for that!!!!!!!!!! Good for me. So my question to my readers is, what should my portfolio look like??

Should it be simple? Bright colored? Should I make it like a scrapbook? What I have now is a scrapbook with a white cover, 12x12 pages. Every page has scrapbook paper to match the theme of the room. Its cute I guess. But I don't feel its good enough. I want this job, and I know I am going to have to fight for it. I hope to get alot of the house done, so I can put those rooms in the portfolio. *fingers crossed*

So I am open to all and any suggestions!!!!!!!! help. I want it to be just right. :)


  1. I would make your portfolio more professional looking. Glossy 8x10 photos. No scrapbook pages. Maybe a black cover and let the photos speak for themselves. You have a great eye for design!

  2. You are absolutley amazing! I cannot believe you do not have any formal training. Are you a fan of HGTV? I think you should try out to be the next design star......Anyways, I'm going to think of ideas for your portfolio!!

  3. I had to do a teaching portfolio for my Art Education classes and I went with a black background paper and put the photos on there with a contrasting color along the back of them. My principal said my portfolio sealed the deal when I was interviewing. Other people didn't have one. I think the worst part would be to clutter the pages, since IKEA seems to be about "less is more" design. I think "scrapbookish" would make it look like you aren't as serious about it and just are doing it for a "cute" little hobby. Your photos are definitely professional looking--so play those up with the things you've done in the rooms.
    (Oh and I'm leaning towards the red Ford Edge. Orange is my favorite color, but I think I'd grow tired of it on a car--though the Copper one is pretty. I've come to terms with the fact that some may pick on the fact that I want a Ford...but it will be my car and I LOVE the look of it! Thanks for your nice comments.) :)

  4. I think your scrapbook needs to speak to professionals, not future clients (or teenagers etc). So I'd agree with kara in that it might be a good idea to keep to simple. I suggest a dark black/brown unadorned and classy scrapbook folder with just black pages and maybe one spread for one client you've done and add a cream coloured paper with a short but carefully worded description of the client's needs, your inspiration, how long it took for you to finish said project and budget used...

    Or something ... :P

  5. I always think a good way to go is to tailor your portfolio (or resume) for the company you're applying with. In this case, take your cue from the IKEA website and catalog. Don't copy their look, but go for something with the same feeling - modern, lots of white, etc.

    Good luck!

  6. I agree. Keep it simple and A4 (at most A3 but I don't think this is necesssary in your case)in a professional folio (zipped ones always do it for me). Be prepared to leave it with them so no originals. If your house is ready by then include shots of your own styling using their products. If you have concept boards or floorplans, elevations, tech drawings or specs include those as well. If you don't then really really clear photos. You'll be a certainty I know!

  7. Your house is coming along nicely. Good luck with the job. And I agree with the others, professional but geared toward IKEA.

  8. I didn't realize you are in Ohio! Me too. I am so envious of your home, what a great idea to spray the ceilings. Do you read Atomic Ranch magazine? I love it.

    Please let me know, when you get a sec, how you painted your table. Mine needs a new coat and I'm thinking of spraying it.

    In regard to Ikea, that's great they are coming to Ohio. I think you are on the right track with your portfolio. Make sure to reference your blog and website on the card. I will keep my fingers crossed for you - hope you get it. I think you should show up for the interview in a houndstooth outfit!


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