Rehab Weekend #16

September 1 ~ 7

We went to Lowe's and bought alot of drywall!!!!

The drywall in the photo will be our Masterbedroom and Bathroom here in the next few weeks. :)

We did hang drywall on the garage wall. So now we can't walk through the garage into the masterbedroom anymore. lol The garage feels more like a garage now, and not part of the house.


BEFORE (how the last homeowners left it)

Then it was time to work inside. We were ready to finish the ceiling. We decided to just spray the ceiling instead of make it smooth. I wanted it smooth, but we are running out of time. Since we were spraying the ceiling we put up alot of plastic!!
So glad we did, it was very messy!

I tried to take pictures of the ceiling, but it wouldn't show up in the pictures. :( I hate textured ceilings, but our ceiling really turned out good. I was surprised how much I liked it.

While my husband worked hard on spraying the ceiling, I decorated and painted furniture. Below is my Dining Room table painted glossy white, along with my red IKEA rugs.

What do you think? I just hope the chairs sit right on the rugs. We'll see. I don't have them at the house yet. I like it so far, its fun. I found this "Goof Off" stuff in the house when we moved in. I took a picture of it because it was red and yellow. :)

Here is a photo of the living room a few weeks ago...

Here it is now..... (I have been painting!)

The Yellow is bright!!!! I love it. Our house is really getting alot of attention now. Every time people drive by they slow down or stop. Its very amusing. ;) I feel like I am in a comic book when I am in the house. I am waiting for Batman and Robin to jump out, and I picture the words POW and WHAM painted on my walls. lol I must say the house has really been inspired by Roy Lichtenstein and POP ART. I just need to get all my furniture now.

This weekend's project is to spray the hallway's ceiling and more painting. We hope to move in next weekend. *fingers crossed* We bought a flat screen tv today, and I placed an order for my couch from IKEA. I hate debt, by my house needs to look good!!!! :) Thanks for reading!


  1. It's really starting to look like the Roy Lichtenstein print come to life! Let us know how the round rugs work under your dining table.

  2. Looks great! I love the yellow wall and the red wall! I really, really love your white dining room table. Great work. It's really coming together. You and your husband obviously make a great team.

  3. Our friends told us our house reminded them of the inside of Target because of all the colors and decorations...I love Target, so that was a huge compliment to me. People are so scared to paint some walls and buy colorful accessories, it comes so natural to me because I love color, so I usually don't understand why they are scared to do it at their own house but love it at mine. One friend asked me where I find all of this colorful stuff...and I said at the store...it's definitely there! :)


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