Rehab Weekends #10 and #11

Rehab Weekend 10
July 21 ~ 22
Goodbye Flooring!!!

We spent weekend 10 ripping out all the flooring in the house. It took one day just to do the living room!!!
Goodbye Black and White Check floor!! I don't hate black and white check,...but I do hate it in my guest bedroom!!!! I loved seeing it go bye bye!!


The Hallway...

Now we will have to go to IKEA, and buy a whole lot of white tundra flooring!!! I am sure I will have to make more then one trip.....

Rehab Weekend 11
July 28 ~ 29

Well, we had to get another dumpster,...dumpster number 3!!! We called weekend 11, the "EVERYTHING MUST GO" weekend. We are still throwing away stuff the last homeowners left.

All the flooring that we ripped out the weekend before had to now be thrown away.

Remember this ugly cabinet thing???? (in kitchen area)

Goodbye Ugly China Cabinet!!!!! WOOHOO!!!

This was the carpet under the china cabinet,...Ya, my house was built in the 60's! lol

We also spent alot of time cleaning the basement!!!! I don't have photos of that, but it looks a heck of a lot better!!! Thanks for reading/viewing!!! :) Also, when you are doing home improvement projects, make sure to have some of these handy......


  1. When we did our floor-to-ceiling Ranch remodel, we had two gigantic dumpsters as well, affectioniately named Bill and Ted. Gosh, how we so don't miss them!

  2. I found your site by accident, but I must say I have enjoyed reading about your space age remodel. I hope things turn out great for ya'll!

  3. What are you going to do with the china closet area now?

  4. Aja ~

    I plan on making it like a mini-bar area. We don't really drink alot, but like a little wine here and there. We just thought it would look neat to have the same white cabinets over there, and some glass doored cabinets with lighting,...for fun drinking glasses and stuff. You know me,..I have lots of ideas, so we'll see!!! :)


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