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So I have spent the last few days packing, packing and packing. Cody and I spent Sunday packing up all of my toy collection. Even though I had just set it up, it was good to be able to pack it in an organized way. It was all just throw together before. This time I was able to label each and every tote with exactly what was in it. I never had a chance to share the photo of my Hello Kitty stuff...
Billy Bookcase with Hello Kitty
The Billy bookcase also held some Vinylmations, Teddy Bears and other things from my collection. I also had hung what I call,"My Smurf Shelf"...
Smurf Wooden Shelf
It has cute little openings that Smurfs fit into perfectly! We also hung a cheap shelf from Home Depot above the shelf for another place to put some cute toys. (We needed a special place for Cody's Vader Helmet!) Over the weekend I also added a few new things to my collection. I found this great Alice In Wonderland little golden book for only 53 cents...
Alice Book
The Disney Store had the White Rabbit stuffed animal on sale for only $5.99! I was super excited to finally have him...
White Rabbit
We also stopped at all the local thrift shops over the weekend. I found a cute little hexagon table that I plan to paint. Not sure what I am going to do with it yet, but for $10 it had to come home with me...
Thrifted Table
It reminds me of my childhood because my parents had one just like it when I was growing up. Last but not least, a photo of my dollhouse...
Dollhouse Painted Exterior
My dollhouse project is at a stand still right now! It needs way more money then I can give it. lol I can't justify buying hundreds of dollars worth of stuff for it. I don't even have dining room chairs of my own right now!! For now I just look for stuff at thrift shops and antique stores hoping to get lucky. It will just be a slow process. There is no way I will have my decorated and done when everyone else is! Oh well. Soon I will move again and have REAL rooms to decorate! Woo-hoo!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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  1. Love your colorful house. I'm wondering if I will have time to finish the challenge too. i just started and there is so much to do. Good luck with the move. It's not an easy job. Check out my new blog. I just published a post that has links to all kinds of free stuff for your dollhouse. One site even had some furniture. It was made from paper, but looked like fun to experiment with till you find what you are looking for. www.midcenturymodernmix.com I'll be back.


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