Mount Rushmore - South Dakota

Yesterday my friend Dan and I headed up to South Dakota to visit Mt. Rushmore. It was about a 5 hour drive each way. On the way up we hit some snowy roads in Wyoming that really slowed us down. The roads are not treated for snow and ice the way they are in Ohio. In Ohio they would have been plowed.
Snowy Roads in Wyoming
We just drove slow while we got passed by everyone that had 4-wheel drive cars. Sooner or later the roads did clear up and we reached South Dakota...
South Dakota Sign
It was nice to see clear roads again! South Dakota was a pretty state with lots of green pine trees and rock sculptures...
South Dakota Drive Up MountainBefore getting to Mt. Rushmore we stopped to see the Crazy Horse sculpture...South Dakota Crazy Horse2South Dakota Crazy Horse4South Dakota Crazy Horse3
Crazy Horse is really close to Mt. Rushmore. It's pretty neat to see! They have been working on the sculpture for years. They only take private donations to fund the project. You can learn more about it {HERE}. After Crazy Horse we headed to Mt. Rushmore...
South Dakota MtRushmore1South Dakota MtRushmore3
I took about 300 pictures, I just picked a few that I liked...South Dakota MtRushmore2South Dakota MtRushmore4
It was very cold and windy yesterday! I gotta say my North Face coat and boots did not let me down! I was really warm with the exception of my face. We really had fun and I am glad I can say that I've seen Mt. Rushmore.
South Dakota MtRushmore5
Dan leaves tomorrow. It was nice to have a relaxing and fun week with a friend. Now back to packing and moving in 4 days!!
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  1. WOW!!! These pictures are great! I can't believe you were able to zoom in that close to Mount Rushmore. Looks like a fun trip.

    7eventh Letter

  2. Thanks!! I love my camera! It's amazing!

  3. It's beautiful! I take back half of the bad things I said about the Dakotas.

  4. Amazing! I've always wanted to see Mt. Rushmore. I love the zoom of Abraham Lincoln.


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