Loving Our New Place

Moving....Oh how tiring. The night before we moved I got about 2 hours of sleep. I was so keyed up about everything. It was mainly my decorating wheels going round and round wondering where I was going to place all my furniture. (I think it's a sickness.) We got a 16ft truck and still didn't get everything in one trip!! Today we go back for the rest using our car. Here is a photo of our living room currently...
Base Living Room 1
I still don't know if I like my orange Billy bookcase in the far corner. I think I will once I get things on it. I love the room!!! I am not used to so much space and it is WONDERFUL! All my furniture actually fits in our new place. I will have most everything setup by the end of the weekend, so I will try to post lots of pictures next week! We are just trying to unpack and get settled. Here is a random cute picture of Muffins and Chloe....
DoggiesHope everyone has a great weekend! I'll be back soon!


  1. Hi Jessie,
    So nice of you to drop by with all that you have ahead of you. Moving is hard work, especially the unpacking and deciding where to put things. For me its a back and forth process until it finally works. This has to be your focus for now. The dollhouse will be there when you have the time. I entered late so I will do my best to finish, but you're right it has to be fun. The best part for me, is meeting people who enjoy design and some who have a passion for miniatures. I'll be back to see how you figure things out. It sounds like you are the type to enjoy a good challenge.

  2. Hey there Jessie!
    Well, I feel for you. I know how tiring it is to move into a new house. But sorting things out and making a new design for the home can also be fun! Good luck on your new adventures, and may you enjoy living in your new abode!

  3. Thanks guys!!! We are still loving our new place! We are so glad we decided to move on base. :)

  4. That studio type of living room is what I want for my apartment. It would be great for throwing parties because you have such a wide space. I'd have to cut down the number of furniture in my apartment, but I'll definitely try to copy that!

  5. Clorinda,

    I do love the room! It's awesome having my computer/office area in the room. I like being able to check email and be watching TV at the same time. :)


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