Off To The Disney Store

"Hi, my name is Jessie and I am addicted to Vinylmations."

My friend Dan has flown in from Ohio to visit Cody and me. Today we plan to head to the Denver area. All I care about doing is making sure I go to a Disney Store!! The Alice in Wonderland Vinylmation Series was supposed to be released yesterday online. Well, it wasn't!!!! I sat for a few hours refreshing my browser, hoping I would get lucky! Nope.

The Disney Parks and Stores have the Alice in Wonderland Series already. I know that I will have to be SUPER LUCKY for there to be a full box for me to purchase. There's nothing wrong with being hopeful! I am pretty sure they will all be sold out. The Disney Store has a 20% off coupon right now that is good thru the 15th! I know I will buy at least a few new Vinylmations and hopefully trade a few at the store. *fingers crossed*
Here are some photos of all my duplicates. I plan to sell them on ebay soon.

Urban 5 Vinylmation Set (No Chaser)Vinylmations - My Duplicates

It would be nice to get rid of some duplicates so that I can buy some new ones!

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