*Picking out an Apartment*

I have found myself spending hours looking at Apartment guides, For Rent.com and reading reviews about places I am interested in renting. It so hard to choose one when you are moving from a house to a small tiny living space. I have already separated with a lot of my stuff and more of it will be donated or given away.

Cody had a good 2 days getting "processed" to join the Air Force. He swore in yesterday and when he came home had some great stories to tell me. It was exciting listening to him talk about all that he experienced in just those 2 days. I can only imagine what stories he will have from boot camp. lol Cody also informed me yesterday that he was told it could be a short as 3 months for him to leave for boot camp. Originally we were told 6 - 7 months. I have to admit my heart sunk to my stomach. I kinda went into "Oh Shit" Mode. There is so much we need to to do still. What about our house???

So, I am hunting for a place to live. I plan to just move whether our house sells in the next few months or not. Doing this is so against everything I am and believe. I can't afford my home anymore so I have to accept that this is what has to happen. A few months back I looked at an apartment right by my work. I hate long drives and traffic! I figured it would be good for me to not have to drive much everyday. The problem with the apartment is that it feels like a freakin cave. The ceilings are low and they textured the walls to match the ceiling. It makes me feel dizzy. {It is a designers nightmare} The living room is so tiny that I guess I can forget getting my Lounge Sofa!

I have spent hours making Pro's and Con's lists. I just keep telling myself I won't be living there that long. As long as I have a place for my computer and pets I will manage. One of the biggest pros of living there is it has a place for a washer and dryer. It is so hard to find an apartment in my area {that I can afford} with a washer and dryer hookup.

Here is a crappy photo of the layout of this "cave" apartment I am considering. lol It looks nice on the layout! It is a 1,000 square feet.

Picture 1

Also, I want to go to Disney World with Cody before he leaves! Oh, and stop in Atlanta on the way to have Melissa take our photos! How is this all going to happen? lol

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  1. I am so behind on my reading that I didn't know your husband was leaving for boot camp. Don't worry he will be finished with it before you know it! I know you will have any place you live in looking great so I look forward to seeing your posts on your new place.

    BTW your new website looks awesome!


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