Design Board - Paris Theme

When I started this design board for Danielle I found all kinds of black, white and pink bedding sets I loved. I found myself NOT wanting to do pink for this design though. I stuck with mainly black & white decor and selected the yellow wall color as the backdrop for the room. I think the wall color gives the room a sophisticated look. Where pink would give it a more childish feel.

Design Board - Paris Theme

Decorative Boxes {HERE}
Paris Poster {HERE}
Black Eiffel Tower Picture Frame {HERE}
Mini Chandelier {HERE}
Dwell Studio Bedding {HERE}
Eiffel Tower Wall Decal {HERE}
Vanna Mirror {HERE}
Glass Accent Table {HERE}
Wall Jewelry Hook {HERE}
Damask Velvet Curtains {HERE}
Swoop Arm Chair {HERE}
Paint / Wall Color {HERE}
Black Urn Vase {HERE}
Mini Tower {HERE}

Hopefully Danielle is inspired by my design! If she didn't want to do yellow, she could easily do about any wall color she wanted if she stuck with black and white accessories.

Happy Decorating!


  1. Thank u soo much. I really like it a lot : )

  2. Oooh! I MUST have those damask curtains. So glam..


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