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4 movies {#3}

1. Population 436 - Every once in awhile I enjoy a scary movie. This movie was about a small town that always had the same population of "436". A census employee went to check out the town and figure out the mystery. It was a lame movie. I hated the ending and wish I hadn't wasted 2 hours of my life watching it. lol  2 Stars

2. The International - I love Clive Owen. :) This was a very high-paced edge of your seat movie.  4 Stars

3. Beverly Hills Chihuahua - Stupid. I only watched it because I have a chihuahua.  It had some humor in it.  I think that was what kept me watching the whole thing.  2 Stars

4. Neverwas - A movie based on a fairy tale . It was okay. The story was different and held my interest.  3 Stars

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  1. Keep em coming the movie reviews. I don't see verymany movies and always looking for something fun to add to my netflix line up.


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