~*Disney World*~

Cody and I had a great time at Disney. I took almost 1000 pictures.
I wanted to share some of my favorite photos. The Animal Kingdom : The tree on Oasis Island.  Pictures can not justify how awesome this tree is to see in person. IMG_7310 IMG_7374 IMG_7272IMG_7311 IMG_7385 Hollywood Studios :
This park was beautiful. The style of the buildings and colors. It had a very "Art Deco" feel.
I really enjoyed this park. There was a lot of fun things to do here. The Hollywood Tower Hotel was my favorite ride.IMG_7413 IMG_7433 IMG_7477 IMG_7488IMG_7505IMG_7487IMG_7416IMG_7418>br? Epcot :
This park was my least favorite. It's great if you love food and want to eat different things from different countries.
I rode Mission Space which gave me Motion Sickness. I usually can ride anything. Not that ride.
The park was pretty and I got some nice photos.
IMG_7577 IMG_7574 IMG_7621 IMG_7620IMG_7568IMG_7682 Magic Kingdom:
True Disney. I felt like I was instantly filled with happiness when I entered this park. Even though I enjoyed the rides at Hollywood Studios better, I loved the magic and happiness of Magic Kingdom. Plus I got my picture taken with the White Rabbit!!! That made my day.
IMG_7691 IMG_7700 IMG_7865 IMG_7868 IMG_8151
Our hotel we stayed at was also amazing. I hadn't slept that good in months. We were very sad to come home back to our stressful lives. It was a well worth the money. We can't wait to go back. I could post more and more pictures and go on and on, but I will spare everyone. lol ;)

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  1. Great photos Jess! I went to Disney World when I was 11 yrs old, and the Hollywood Tower was also my favorite ride. I'm really glad you made it down there! :)


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