Design Boards for Chrissy

Chrissy contacted me for ideas for her apartment. I put together a few design boards to inspire her. Apartment decorating has to be flexible and inexpensive. No one wants to spend a lot on a place they don't plan on living in a long time. The first board is based more on things I know she and her family likes.

Design Board for Chrissy 1

Orange and Yellow are happy colors. I think they are perfect for Chrissy and her family. I picked out lots of wall decals for her living room. I also love painting "color blocks" on walls instead of painting the whole room. It is a great way to add some color to plain white walls!


Family Wall Decal {HERE}
Robot Wall Decals {HERE}
Love Wall Decal {HERE}
Orange Billy Bookcase {HERE}
Owl Bank, Silver Robot, Clock & Yellow Garden Balls {HERE}
Pillows on Sofa {HERE}
Hanging Photo Collage Frame {HERE}
Ribba Frames {HERE}

The second board I designed is supposed to have more of a color scheme that may make you think of the beach. A trendy turquoise and yellow color scheme with seashells and starfish used as decorations. Again, I love the middle picture on the board. I love the color block and stripes painted on the walls!!

Design Board for Chrissy 2

This board is mainly just "inspirational". Photos that I found with fabric hung behind the couch. All things that are great for apartment decorating. I also think its a great idea to just go to a craft store and buy a huge canvas and paint it a bright bold color.


Yellow Tray {HERE}
Yellow Vases {HERE}
Pillows {HERE}
Trellis Fabric {HERE}
IKEA Lack Shelf {HERE}
Keep Calm & Carry on {HERE}

I hope that these boards inspire Chrissy and anyone else who views them!


  1. Cute! I love both of the boards. I am really loving turquoise. And I adore the love and robot wall decals. It would be so cute to see the rooms put together after your influence!

  2. I love your colorful ideas and propositions...combine with white is always the best


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