Design Boards - My Apartment / Living Room Area

Sooner or later I will move to a new home. That means a new place to decorate! Woo-Hoo!!!! Here is a sneak peek of how I want my new place to look.

My Apartment Design Board #1 / Living Room

I am really wanting a pink & yellow color scheme with orange here and there. {Orange Billy Bookcase} It may look like a lot of craziness but I swear it will be pretty!!! ; ) lol The look of the apartment is mainly based around the couch and the Marilyn Monroe Warhol print! I used to have the Warhol print in orange until it fell off my dresser and broke! : (

the apartment living room 2 area

The second design features the PINK couch! This couch is pink which makes it awesome and it is cheaper then the Lounge couch from the first board. Also, this design features the rug from Chiasso. I love love the yellow & white rug, but my pets would ruin it. I just thought it looked fun on the design board!

I am leaning more towards the "Lounge Sofa" from Crate and Barrel for our living room! {HERE} The lounge sofa is so comfortable and that is what my husband and I want. The lounge sofa also looks more "modern" to me.

Look how deep the lounge sofa is! I am only 4' 9" so this couch is like a bed for me! lol

Picture 1

I do LOVE the Demi Sofa from La-Z-Boy...

Demi Sofa - La-Z-Boy

One thing I have learned about myself is, that I tend to buy only for "looks" and not comfort. Our current couch is so uncomfortable!!! It looks great in our living room, but we hate it. This is why I will probably spend the extra money for the lounge sofa.


  1. Hi Jessie! I love both of those mood boards. I love pink and yellow together. I think I like the first one better because I am loving gray lately. Also really love that pink rug. I am also always thinking about how I will decorate a new space.

  2. I don't know why,but think the second board is better..I mean,I like it more :)

  3. You have great taste! :) I designed my whole bedroom around the pink Marilyn. I love that thing so much!

  4. Millie - I know that pink couch is amazing. :)

    Heather - You have to post a picture of this bedroom!!! I want to see it.


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