4 Movies

I love watching movies but I never talk about them on my blog. I thought I would start sharing some of the movies I watch with you. My husband and I have Netflix so we watch a movie almost every night. Here are the first 4 movies I have decided to share...

4 movies 1

1. Paper Heart - I really enjoyed this movie. It was very cute and funny. I would give it 4 stars

2. The Open Road - I love Justin Timberlake. His acting is actually not bad. I really enjoyed this heartfelt story. 4 stars

3. Uncertainty - Interesting story. Kept me interested, had lots of twists, but it was a very weird movie. 3 stars

4. The Cake Eaters - I wanted to see Kristen Stewart in something besides Twilight. She did a good job in this movie. Again, it was a weird movie. Not sure why its called "The Cake Eaters". 3 stars

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  1. I love Paper Heart! Charlyne cracks me up just being herself.


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