Mirror & Orchid from IKEA

Finally got my IKEA mirror I wanted for my bedroom!

IKEA MIRROR - Feb 2010

I also bought my first Orchid.

My first Orchid - Feb 2010


  1. naked eye!!! omg i love this song brings me back!
    and can i ask how you hung that mirror? i have huge ones from ikea and i wanna hang them in my salon horizontal:)

  2. Brandi,

    I know I was a freshmen in high school when this song came out! :) I prefer "old school" music. lol

    The IKEA mirror had hardware on it to hang it. My husband used some anchors that he bought at LOWES. He put those in the wall first. The mirror really isn't heavy, so I know its not going anywhere!!!

    {The anchors he used are "cobra wall driller" Screw- in drywall anchors. They are sold at Lowes}


  3. just lovely! don't know anyone who does not love orchids,they look so delicate yet so strong..
    but I'm interested in that desk of yours,where did you buy it? does it have a drawer? I would like to know how it's made,want to make it for myself. It looks so simple,perfect :)

    ps. sorry if my spelling is incorrect,or sentences are not quite right..

  4. Millie,

    The desk is actually a dressing table sold at IKEA. Sadly they don't have it in white to match all my other furniture. I might paint it soon though, I haven't decided!!! I love love my orchid. It is so pretty. Hopefully I can keep it alive!


    Don't worry about your spelling, that is not one of my strong points anyways! hahahaha

  5. I think u shouldn't paint it,it's beautiful just the way it is.. :)


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