MOSAIC - January 2010

I thought it would be fun to make one of these every month! I used the website Big Huge Labs to design the mosaic part. Then I used PhotoShop to add the border and lettering. Making one of these monthly will help me remember my year better! lol :)

January 2010 Mosaic

My Life recap / January 2010
* Started Bathroom Remodel
* Cashier of the month at work
* Bought new bedding for bedroom
* Cody {my husband} considering joining the Air Force
* Finally got my IKEA cabinet for my Dining Room
* Baked M&M cookies
* Started reading New Moon again
* Bad Sinus Headaches
* Found a new band to listen 2 - Band of Skulls

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  1. vau,finally got what I wanted-thanks to u,now I can make these mosaics I wanted for some time. I mean,I can-in Photoshop,but it's much easier this way. Thank u for sharing it. Reacently started blog on my own,few days after finding out what blog is-after finding (so accidentally) yours and some others blogs on the same issue. I'm learning a lot.
    I don't want to sound too flattering,it's not my intension..but I wanted to say-great job you make!

  2. Thanks for the kind comment Millie! :) Using big huge labs website is much easier then photoshop!!! Thanks for checking out my blog!



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