*Designer Inspiration*

Millie from Passion Decor stopped by my blog the other day! I went and checked out her pretty blog and found a post of hers that I loved! {HERE} It was about designer Erinn Valencich. Her interior design work really inspires me. I believe my next home will be OLD and more colonial style, giving me more of a chance to explore my own decorating style. Here is some photos of Erinn's work....

Erinn Valencich Living Room

Erinn Valencich Interior

Erinn Valencich Dining Room

Erinn Valencich Green Bedroom

Erin Valencich Green Bedroom

Erinn Valencich Bedroom

Please visit Erinn Valencich website {HERE} for more lovely images and information about her!


  1. Hi Jessie,

    Glad you like my work! My blog is going to be live in the next few days...so lots of great new design stuff to share!

  2. I really love your work! Thanks for inspiring me! I will check out your blog!!!!!!! ;)



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