My New Baby Blog

My New Blog - Feb 2010
I have been wanting to start a baby blog for months now. I have started to want a baby off and on for the past few years now. I am approaching 30 years old and I have always wanted one around this time. Current life events hold me back from having one and I plan to go to college in the next few years also. {Its a long story for another post another day}

With that said, I didn't want people who follow My Mod Style to be bored with "baby talk", so I thought it would be better to have a different place for baby stuff. That way YOU the reader can decide if you care about me rambling on about how cute this is and what colors I want in my nursery. etc etc etc...

My baby blog still needs a lot of work. Currently it is just mainly featuring nurseries that inspire me and design boards I have made. You can check it out here : My Mod Baby

{I am open to suggestions & ideas about things to post on the baby blog!}



  1. As a mod mommy...I am looking forward to this blog!!

  2. Looking forward to this new blog... I find myself in the same boat--- biological clock is ticking--- start-up business and all of the hours that go into it has left me with much reservation...

    Mary from


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