Detailed Bookcase Arrangement

I love my bookcase in my living room so much, that I wanted to take detailed pictures of each shelf opening. I love arranging bookcases and shelves!

apartment103 bookcase detail 16x7 shelf1
apartment103 bookcase detail 16x7 shelf2
apartment103 bookcase detail 16x7 shelf3
apartment103 bookcase detail 16x7 shelf4

Click {HERE} to see photos of the bookcase


  1. The arrangement of your book case is so nice! I love your decorating skills. Hope all is well!


  2. Jessie you are so good at this! I need you to come arrange some shelves for me. I just noticed the three vases I sent you all share a similar motif - the holes. They look great the way you've grouped them. Love the pattern. It's like a puzzle isn't it? Kinda like collage.

  3. It really is like a collage/puzzle! That must be why I like it so much. :) I do love all the vases you gave me. They all fit so well with everything else I already had! Thanks again.


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