It is nice that I can finally say that we SOLD our house. I stopped mentioning it on the blog because it seems I was just jinxing myself. As soon as things turned around it would all just fall through again. Our bank was hell to work with. It took them 2 months to just "accept" the offer we got on August 18th. Then they didn't want to close till November 19th. Then November 19th came and our bank still wasn't ready with all their paperwork. It has been a nightmare. Finally we got a call around 5pm Monday night that they wanted to close last night. (One day notice)

our house white

In the beginning of November Cody had stopped by our house to check the mail. Cody entered the house to discover that someone was in it stealing the copper piping out of the basement. It was noon when this happened. The thief ended up getting away, busting out one of the basement windows. The cops had got there quick but not quick enough. Sadly Cody did not have his cell phone on him that day, so he had to run to a neighbors house which lost him time.

That was the last day I went to the house. I was so angry and felt so violated that someone had broken into our home. The house just seemed like such a sad place to me. I really didn't want to look at it anymore. After this all happened Cody went to house without me to pick up things and get the mail. I was done.

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I am happy to say that this is all over now. It is sad because of all the work we did on the house, but a year ago I remember saying,"Maybe this is all a blessing in disguise." It has been. Cody is now joining the Air Force and our lives are about to change drastically. All because he lost his job. He hated his job anyways. lol ;)

On a happier note we are approaching our Disney vacation. We are super excited. I found out yesterday that Disney World has a separate "Very Merry Christmas Celebration" during the time we are going. You do have to pay extra for it but I think its worth it. It is a beautiful Christmas parade and they even light up the castle! December is my last month with Cody. He leaves January 4th for basic training. It is very fitting the we sold our house yesterday! A great way to end the year together.

View pictures of my old home decorated {HERE}


  1. YAY!!! I could only imagine what a load off your shoulders this must be!

  2. Great news! No more stress dealing with banks, offers, and open houses. Awesome!!!
    And on your vacation, do as much as possible. Remember, you are going to "The Happiest Place on Earth!" haha :)

  3. Man, that sucks about someone stealing your pipes.. Gosh, that's pretty despicable- Congrats on finally starting a new chapter in life. Have a great time at Disneyworld. Happy Holidays!
    Mod Diva


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