Rehab Weekends #12 and #13

Aug 4 ~ 5
Finally taking some time to landscape....

I spent one day just doing this. We went and bought 10 bags of white gravel,..and this is all it covered!!

My landscaping looks so wimpy and small in the photo,...but it has to grow of course! :)

The precious homeowners just let everything go and grow!!!! You couldn't even see the house at all. :( While I did landscaping my husband spent the day working on getting our Air Conditoner working!! It works now,...and just in time,....its been in the high 90's all week in OHIO.

The second day of the weekend was spent putting an OSB floor in our Master Bedroom..

Down goes the OSB.....

Its nice to see a floor in there.....It will be a bedroom someday soon!

Weekend #13
Aug 11 ~ 12

Here's a scary Photo!

I don't know if I have ever mentioned that all our overhead lighting in the house DIDN'T work. My husband and father in-law spent a day working on it. We kinda have been putting it off.... Do you blame us? All those freaking wires. Well they figured it out, believe it or not!!!!

Now I have kitchen lights!!!! It makes the kitchen sparkle now!

While they worked on the lighting, I started scraping the Popcorn/textured ceiling in the living room.

You can't see anything really in the photo above, and it also needs alot of sanding, etc. This room was the only room with the textured ceiling, and I hate it. It had to go. We are also going to put more lighting in the ceiling.

Here's a photo of part of the basement, I don't think I have ever posted one.

It sucks that we had all the posts in the middle, but oh well. We hope to finish it later on. Well, we are off to IKEA this Saturday, and my husband has 10days off of work. Let's hope we get alot done during those days off. :)


  1. WOW you guys have a long way to go and you've done so much already. Hope your husband's 10 days off are productive! (Isn't landscaping fun?!!!)

  2. Wow! You are so amazing! I LOVE your style! I also LOVE Ikea and the closest one to me is 8 hours away! I hate it!!!! I'm only a college student..and envy you for being able to do whatever you want to your own home! :)

  3. What color red did you use on the walls?

  4. The red on the walls,....is "CODE RED" by Behr sold at Home Depot. Its actually one of the "Disney" color swatches. :)


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