My Houndstooth Obsession

I love yellow, black, and white. Especially when its with Houndstooth!!

I love this bedding from Delia's!

The Curtains are from Delia's too!!

I just love this chair.

I posted this photo forever ago. I know its busy,..but man its FUN!!!! And look at the yellow!!!!!!!!

I even love clothes in the Houndstooth!! Sadly I do not own one thing with the Houndstooth pattern on it.

This is my favorite thing in the Houndstooth pattern that I have found.

Its bedding from Walmart. I like it because it has the Houndstooth pattern, but its not BUSY looking. This bedding is around $40.00!!! That's my kind of price range. I know alot of people don't like Walmart,...but they are really getting better about the products they carry. I love the prices too. Just like IKEA and Target. :) I hope to put some Houndstooth in my decor somewhere. I just haven't decided where yet......Of course my husband hates it. lol


  1. I love it too and can totally see it in your decor. I know you will use it in moderation. The first pic with the houndstooth mixed with the soft floral is genius. Don't think I would've thought of that. And I think it looks absolutely smashing with yellow and white.

    Of course, then you will need another outfit ala Urban Outfitters. Houndstooth mini, red tights and large red beads around your neck... I think you should start matching your outfits to your decor...

    Can't wait to see the future posts of the marvelous entertaining you will be doing.

  2. i LOVE this! houndstooth is nice! wish we had walmart in australia!

    can't wait to see more of your work!

  3. Thanks everybody.

    Its cool Amy,..I understand,..trust me your not the only one who has said bad about walmart. I already knew all that,...but I don't have a huge income,..so I have to shop there. I have friends who have worked for them,...and they don't say its that bad. But I do agree with everything you say. I buy from everywhere, if I see something I love.

    thanks for the comments... :)

  4. Jessie check this out. I can see it on a lamp shade or sew up a few pillows.

  5. Thanks jo!

    I want to try to put some houndstooth in my butterfly guest bedroom. We'll see if I can pull it off. ;)

  6. peggy ~ I like the idea of getting a new outfit that matches every room in my house

  7. Take a look at the zooty tooth Flor tiles. You could design an area rug using them as the border.


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