The house that inspired the start of My Mod Style....

8x1 the house title
Front House 2
Front House 1

My husband and I purchased our home in May of 2007. If you drove by the house from the road you would have no idea what damage was hidden inside. The roof had fallen in over the master bedroom. This of course caused lots of water damage and black mold to start growing up the walls. The black mold was really bad in the basement under the master bedroom. It just "rained" in the house for months. The house was abandoned by the people who owned it. We decided to take on the challenge of saving it. I could see all the hidden potential.

By viewing my old blog posts called the "Rehab Weekends" you can see all the work we did to the house. When I started my blog I posted weekly all the progress of our remodeling for the first year / 2007 - Link to Rehab Weekends {HERE}

8x1 front entry title
Magazine Collage - My Old Home {2009}
Post about front entry {HERE}

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8x3 living room1
Living Room  The Couch & Muffins ~ oct 07

Living Room - May 2010
Living Room - May 2010
Living Room - Cat CornerLiving Room - Cat in the window

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My Office - Nov 09
My Office - Nov 09
Hello Kitty Collection
My Office - Nov 09IMG_4945

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Master Bedroom - Feb 2010
Master Bedroom - Feb 2010Master Bedroom - Feb 2010
Master Bedroom - Feb 2010
IKEA Dresser in Bedroom - jan 2010
New Moon Poster - March 2010Master Bedroom - Feb 2010

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Guest Bedroom - March 2010
Guest Bedroom - March 2010Guest Bedroom - March 2010
Guest Bedroom - March 2010
Guest Bedroom - March 2010Guest Bedroom / Bookcase / Feb 10'
Guest Bedroom / Bookcase / Feb 10'

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Hall Bathroom - March 2010Hall Bathroom - March 2010

SAYING GOODBYE - As of March 2010 I am selling my home. Read More {HERE}

Finally sold our house on November 30th, 2010. Read more {HERE}

To view all my blog posts about my home click {HERE}