Photo A Day // July

Day182 My new beach towel 7.1.13 #jessie365
New Hello Kitty beach towel
Day183 I love summer :) 7.2.13 #jessie365Day184 Playing a Despicable Me game today. 7.3.13 #jessie365
Summer flower // Found a fun Despicable Me game
Day185 Another beautiful day for a ride // 43 miles today 7.4.13 #jessie365
Beautiful bike ride - 45 miles
Day186 Norman close up! 7.5.13 #jessie365
Norman close up
Day187 Spent the afternoon in Colorado.  Bike ride - 42 miles 7.6 13 #jessie365Day189 Chloe being cute 7.8.13 #jessie365
Colorado bike ride - 42 miles // Sleepy Chloe
Day188 ladybug while I was doing yard work 7.7.13 #jessie365 #ladybug
Ladybug while doing some landscaping
Day190 planning out of vacation in California with our dogs!  Using Bringfido.com 7.9.13 #jessie365Day191 Daisies :) 7.10.13 #jessie365
Using Bringfido.com to plan our vacation // Daisies
Day192 New Converse.  They are called "cactus purple".  7.11.13 #jessie365
New Converse
Day193 Tea time 7.12.13 #jessie365Day194 just me 7.13.13 #jessie365
Tea time // Just me
Day195 Packing for our vacation to California. ( I think I like stripes. Lol ) 7.14.13 #jessie365Day197 I guess there is a first time for everything: Simon and Chloe laying together! 7.16.13 #jessie365
Packing for our vacation // A first: Simon & Chloe laying together!
Day196 Wonder how many people I'm going to offend with my new bumper sticker? Lol it's supposed to be funny.  Plus, I'm proud of my lifestyle :) 7.15.13 #jessie365
New bumper sticker on my car :)
Day198 Even packing some dresses for Muffins to wear in California!! 7.17.13 #jessie365Day199 grapes are my favorite! #jessie365 #fruit 7.18.13
Muffins dress // Grapes are my favorite
Day200 Start of our road trip to California.  Did only 500 miles today. Stopped in Utah. Sorry for all the photo bombing! Haha #jessie365 #utah
First day of our road trip - Beautiful Utah
Day201 Muffins and me at the Grand Canyon (cue Circle of Life Lion King theme song) 7.20.13 #arizona #grandcanyon #jessie365
Muffins and I at the Grand Canyon!
Day202 made it to the ocean 7.21.13 #ocean #california #jessie365
Made it to California and to the ocean.
Day203 Visited the Santa Barbara Botanical Garden today! 7.22.13 #jessie365
Visited the Santa Barbara Botanical Garden
Day204 8mile hike today in Santa Barbara #california 7.23.13 #jessie365
Hiked in the mountains
Day205 Went Whale Watching! 7.24.13 #jessie365 #whale #santabarbara #condorexpress
Went Whale Watching (Yes, I was that close!)
Day206 Visited the Sequoia National Forest.  7.25.13 #jessie365 #sequoia #forest
Visited the Sequoia National Forest
Day207 Utah sky (driving back home now. Vacation over! Boo!) 7.26.13 #jessie365  #utah #sky #clouds  #nofilterDay208 Last road trip photo. Taken in #wyoming. Miss California already!!!! I need to live there! 7.27.13 #jessie365
Utah sky, driving back home // Back in Wyoming
Day211 Sammy being cute! #jessie365 #cat 7.30.13
Sammy being cute!!!
Day209 Attempting to style my hair wavy 7.28.13 #jessie365Day210 pretty Wyoming sky tonight. 7.29.13 #jessie365 #sky #clouds
Attempting wavy hair // Pretty Wyoming sky
Day212 One of my favorite Disney Vinylmations.  Now that we are back from our vacation, it's time to start planning the next one! ;) It will be to Disney World. #jessie365 #vinylmation #disney 7.31.13
One of my favorite Vinylmations. We are planning our next Disney vacation.

It was a pretty awesome month. I am so glad that we decided to take a vacation. It almost didn't happen. We literally decided the week before we went. I accomplished a few things that were on my 32 Things Before 32 List. I will be posting about all the things that you see above in future posts. Taking the Instagram photos while on the road was really fun. You can see my Instagram feed HERE if you'd like.

How was your July? Can you believe that it's August already!???


  1. Lovely idea, I think I may do it for August!

    1. It is really fun! :) let me know if you do it so I can check out your photos.

  2. What a fabulous month you've had! I love so many of your photos. Purple converse - check. My cousin bought a pair of those recently and I photographed them for Facebook! You and I really are sisters. :)

    The ladybug pic is amazing!!!! Also the whale pic, as you know. That's one of the things I want to do in my life is go whale watching. I dearly love the pic of you and Cody on the beach, with your toes in the foreground. I've noticed I have a toe fetish. I love to photograph toes! Also amazed at your photo of Simon (?). I can never get photos of my brother's cats!

    1. Cats are tricky to photograph sometimes! They always move. I actually hate my toes! Hahaha But I thought it was a cute shot. I haven't got to wear my purple Converse much yet, but do love them very much! I wish you and I could go whale watching together. If only Ohio was closer to the ocean. ;)

  3. Absolutely beautiful photos Jessie. It looks like it was such a wonderful month for you. We are so amped to soon get our RV and sublet our apartment so we can visit all of those lovely places. We've already picked out the solar panels we'd want on it.

    Sequoia National Forest is definitely on my list. I'v only been to L.A. and San Diego and desperately want to see the northern part of California. My parents went and got to see the Redwoods and I'm incredibly jealous but Matt and I talked and as soon as we get that RV and hit the road we're going up the west coast. I still haven't been to the Grand Canyon (and I love that photo of you and your pup) but my mom would kill me if I went without her. :)Cheers to making memories a priority. I think I'm going to start doing the photo a day, since I pretty much take a photo a day anyway, on my new space because I just love looking back at good times.

    1. Yes, the photo a day is really fun. It has to be one of my favorite posts I do now.

      There are so many beautiful parks and places to see on the west coast it's almost overwhelming!!! As we were driving I wanted to stop and see everything but couldn't. You two will be able to do what you want! :) I plan to share my Grand Canyon pictures soon.

  4. Has anyone hassled you about your car sticker yet? so good. :)


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