What's in a NAME?

I have been considering changing my blog name for a long time now. I have been blogging for over seven years and my blog name has always been the same. When I named my blog "My Mod Style", it was based off my own design style when it came to decorating my home. For years my blog did focus on interior design.

One of my favorite Decor Love collages I designed...
Decor Love Doggie Stuff Oct2012

As time went by and life changed, decorating ideas became less and less on the blog. Now seven years later, the blog title just doesn't fit anymore. I also don't want people to be misled by my title. My blog is not a "style" blog at all really. As much as I like to share outfit posts every once in awhile, I am definitely not a fashion blogger.

WIW12 pic4 11913

When I started to brainstorm a new blog title (which I am horrible at by the way) I kept trying to combine words together that I thought represented me as a person. I wanted someone to "get me" and what my blog was about right away. Well that's easier said then done. I even resorted to blog name generators online hoping that they would inspire me to come up with something. Nope.

At work lately everyone has been calling me a hippie. (Because apparently if you are "different" and since I recycle, that makes me a hippie.) I found a funny hippie name generator online that came up with the name OCEANIA STARLIGHT for me. I thought it was cute but too random for my blog title. I didn't want vegan in my title because even though that's a huge part of who I am, it's not the only thing I blog about. Then I got stuck on the word happiness.

Read these awesome words of advice about life...

I am sure some people may roll their eyes at someone who appears to be happy ALL THE TIME. Well I'm not happy all the time. Pretty much Monday thru Friday when I'm at work I'm very stressed out and dropping F-bombs because I want to pull my hair out. No my life isn't unicorns and rainbows everyday, but I am at a place in my life where I feel things within myself have finally fallen into place.


Inner happiness and peace. I love the person I have become and I am glad that I have let go of all the bad things that have happened to me in the past. I don't relive my past anymore and I have also learned how to forgive. Now that I am at a good place mentally in my life, I am starting to work on the rest. Things like traveling, building a tiny house (maybe) and possible moving somewhere that I can cycle outside all year round. It is all part of creating happiness and the simplicity I crave in my life! So what is my new blog title? It is Creating Happy! I decided to use the word happy instead of happiness in my new blog title because I thought it sounded cuter.

What is different about the new blog? Nothing really, besides a new look and a more fitting title. Everything that is on My Mod Style has been imported to my new blog Creating Happy. I hope to start having you redirected to the new blog automatically soon, once I figure out how to do it.

I was nervous to do this but at the same time very excited! :)

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