Day32 our new favorite coffee! Need this to get through inventory at work tonight. 2.1.13
Our new love, DazBog Russian Coffee
Day33 love this sticker :) 2.2.13Day34 Took Chloe to the Park 2.3.13
Loved this sticker // Took Chloe to the park
Day35 Suprised Cody w/a DSi 2.4.13
Surprised Cody with a Nintendo DSi
Day36 dinner 2.5.13Day37 played the Sims, it's been forever 2.6.13
Hawaiian Chickpeas // Played Sims 3
Day38 starting journaling again :) 2.7.13 Day39 One of my favorite photos of us. 2.8.13
My journal, started writing again // One of my favorite photos of us, made me smile
Day40 some pretty snow again :) 2.9.13 #jessie365
As soon as the snow melted, we got MORE (Pretty though!)
Day41 painted my office a shade of mint green 2.10.13 #jessie365
Painted my office mint green!!!!!!
Day42 starting to go through my toy collection to decorate my office with :) 2.11.13 #jessie365Day43 ending the night watching The Walking Dead on Netflix  2.12.13 #jessie365
Started going through my toy collection // Watching Season 2 of The Walking Dead
Day44 2.13.13  Been writing letters
Been writing letters to a friend back in Ohio
Day45 my favorite glass! Happy Valentines Day! 2.14.13 #jessie365Day46 the sun makes me feel happy :) 2.15.13 #jessie365
HOT STUFF // Beautiful Sunshine
Day47 sketching #jessie365 2.16.13Day48 decorating my office with toys!!!! 2.17.13 #jessie365
Sketching out Tattoo ideas // Decorating my office
Day49 my first peace sign necklace EVER 2.18.13 #jessie365
My first peace sign necklace EVER
Day50 new stitch case! 2.19.13Day51 Disney Movie night. It's cold out and started to snow. 2.20.13 #jessie365
New Stitch phone case // Disney movie night
Day52 bought some cruelty free makeup! Yay to no animal testing!! 2.21.13 #jessie365Day54 if only I had enough money to buy the Walking Dead books I need! 2.23.13 #jessie365
Yay for no animal testing! // The Walking Dead Books at Barnes & Noble
Day53 so happy with my Stitch phone case! 2.22.13
Loving my Stitch phone case
Day55 organizing my bedroom 2.24.13Day56 ending the day watching The Tale of Despereaux #jessie365 2.25.13
Organizing my bedroom // Watched the movie The Tale of Despereaux
Day57 miserable outside today! Driving not fun! 2.26.13 #jessie365Day58 turquoise nails 2.27.13 #jessie365
Snow again! // Turquoise Nails
Day59 Bought my first pair of hightop Converse! Pretty excited! Only $6 on clearance! 2.28.13 #jessie365 #converse
Bought my very first pair of high top Converse! (for only $6)

I am really enjoying my little Instagram photos. I look forward to capturing a moment from everyday.
Things that you would otherwise forget about.

What images of mine do you like the most? I love my Peace sign necklace!

You can follow me on Instagram @jessiedmeece or view my photos on Flickr HERE.


  1. Ack! I love your collection of converse! I definitely need more! :) I only have a grey pair, but I have really been thinking of a black pair lately. Really cannot go wrong with black! Haha.

    I would love to see some more of your tattoo ideas! That one looks pretty great!

    I cannot wait to see the photos of your mint green office! Hehe, I think it will be amazing!

    I too, penpal a friend back in Oregon. I really love it. :) Do you have any cute stationary? I really recommend it! haha

    1. Black Converse are great because they go with everything. I love wearing Converse with dresses because I'm a dork like that. ;) I want every color I can get my hands on!!!

      My tattoo ideas are hard for me to draw. I am so rusty at drawing. I used to be so good. It's hard for me to even believe the things I did draw in the past.

      I know, we gotta get the office done. It's going to be awhile though, because of money. BOO!

      I don't have any cute Stationary. I need to fix that! lol

  2. Looks like you had quite a productive month! Lovely pictures, it's fun having a peek into your life!

    1. Thanks Kitty! I am glad you took a peek. :)

  3. Just pass by to say hello!!!

    1. Hello Ce. Thanks for stopping by as always. :)

  4. Ok Soooo much to love about this post.
    I love that we are phone over twins now. :) I am dieing to see your toy collection in full... PHOTOS PLEASE!!! And I am so excited that your getting your vegan tattoo. Mega rad.

    1. Yes, phone twins!!! Yesterday a girl asked me if I had Stitch sticking out of my jean pocket. It was funny! She loved the case!!!

      My collection isn't going to be fully on display. I need to email you the link to my old post where there are lots of photos of it. :)

      I need to decide on my tattoo, too many ideas!!!!

  5. Now I want to play the Sims!! If I'm becoming obsessed again, I'm blaming you haha. Love the Stitch case! I always had one from Minnie Mouse but I dropped my phone and now it's broken :( (luckily only the case and not my phone itself). And how I wish I had every walking dead book...!

    1. The Sims is very addicting. LOL Be careful not to lose hours of your life playing!!! ; ) I love all the Disney phone cases. I am glad you didn't break your phone. I wish I had the money to buy the Walking Dead books. $34 each adds up fast!!!!!!

  6. I painted my office mint too! I love how bright and happy it is! :)


    1. Oh I would love to see it! It's such a great color!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Since you're such a child at heart, I LOVE all of them!! :]


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