I knew before the month of August even started that it was going to be complete Chaos for us! Trying to get everything organized and planned, while attempting to balance spending time with family and friends. Cody had to do car repairs on our Saturn VUE before we drove out to Wyoming. The air conditioner died and he replaced the front rotors. So, the car was HOT and shook violently every time you would hit the brakes! Luckily with the help of Cody's dad, he was able to do the repairs himself. Saving us lots of money!

The drive was a long and boring one. We had to take 3 days to do it because of Military traveling guidelines. *rolls eyes* We had to drive both cars out, since the Air Force only pays to ship a car if its internationally!
We beat our stuff here, so we are sleeping on an air mattress. Not sure when my stuff is coming. Hopefully soon! I am using someone else's Internet connection, which makes me feel really guilty! I figured if I didn't update my blog soon people may think I am not coming back.

I have just been so busy and only had crappy Internet connections for the last month. I miss my blog and my regular design posts. Life is just upside down for me right now. At least now I should be able to (maybe) start posting more.

We are excited about starting our new life together and not having to say "goodbye" anymore. Its just going to take a few weeks to get settled and used to things. I do like my apartment. Not sure how much I will decorate here though, time will tell. I may not go all out this time. Look how pretty the sky was in Wyoming yesterday...
I must say after driving all the miles I have this year, I don't see any long trips in my near future. I need a break!


  1. !!!!! Do you know how excited I am you made it there. Also, I'm rolling my eyes with you for military travel guidelines. Boooo!

  2. Yes, you deserve a break! :) You have hit almost every state from Ohio to the gulf coast, and out to the Pacific Ocean in the past 6 months. Many people don't do that in a lifetime. That's quite an achievement! See you soon. :)

  3. Glad you are there safe and sound. I love the photo of your car reflected on Cody's car!


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