Colorado and A Huge Ottoman

I finally can say I made it to Colorado, one of the only states I hadn't see this year. Cody and I decided to spend the other day thrifting in Fort Collins Colorado! I am on the hunt for a vintage sofa, because I just don't feel like dropping over $1500 on new stuff from Macy's! Colorado is beautiful just like I expected...
Colorado 1Colorado 2
I can't wait to go as far as Denver. I know there are lots of wonderful things to see in Colorado and plan to see all of it! For now we just drive to the closer stuff and save the long road trips for the future.
Colorado 3Colorado 4
We had no luck finding a Couch. We did find this awesome Ottoman for $145!
Ottoman 1
Yes, it needs some love. Not sure what I plan to do with it yet. Once we find a sofa I will be able to pick out new fabric for the ottoman. I would love a bright turquoise velvet fabric and paint the frame white.
Ottoman 2Chloe loves the ottoman already...Chloe on Ottoman
I also found this awesome mirror the other day at Goodwill for $6. I plan to spray paint it some bright color. (Probably pink)
Mirror for BlogCody and I just keep going to local thrift shops daily in hope that we will find a sofa finally!


  1. Those pictures of the Colorado mountains are beautiful!

    I adore the new ottoman! I think painting the legs white and turquoise fabric is a great idea. So glad you are looking for a vintage sofa, I think you will be much happier. I'm sure you will find the right one!

  2. Great finds! The ottoman will look amazing when you finish it!

  3. Welcome to Colorado! Fort Collins is a beautiful town so I know you had a good time! Enjoy Wyoming also!

  4. Thanks everybody! Thrift store finds are so exciting! Plus, its pretty cool that Cody could enjoy it also. :)


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