What the heck have I been doing? Sorry for the lack of posts. I have a crappy internet connection and it takes like 2 hours just to do a simple post with pictures. Every moment of everyday is "Go Go Go!!!" Especially now that Cody is in Ohio. I picked Cody up last week on Wednesday August 3rd.

Before I headed to my hotel in Dayton Ohio, I drove up to Columbus to purchase some Vinylmations. (Yes, I am a bit crazy.) The Disney store was still offering Buy One Get One Free! It was so worth the drive!!! Sadly their inventory was low, but they did hold a full box of Urban 5 for me. (Which was the whole reason I went there!) I ended up buying 10 of the Nightmare Before Christmas...
Vinylmations Nightmare Before Christmas
We already have Jack! There is only one more Vinylmation I need to complete the Nightmare Before Christmas series. I think I am going to keep these guys in their boxes! I had to buy a total of 24 full priced Vinylmations to get 24 Vinylmations for FREE! I purchased 8 Vinylmations from the Muppets Series 2...
Vinylmations The Muppets Series 2
I bought 6 Vinylmations from the Cutesters Series 2...
Vinylmations Cutesters Series 2
I only ended up with 2 dulipcates! Then I was able to get my Urban 5 box! A whole box has a full series and chaser. Then another set without the chaser. I know it probably sounds confusing unless you collect them. It means I have some to sell on ebay or a lot of dupilcates to trade when we go to Disney World again. :)
Vinylmations Urban 5
So now that best part, the price! I have a Disney rewards Visa credit card. I hadn't used it yet and they give you a $50 credit for Disney merchandise on your first purchase. Plus, I get 10% discount on my purchase. The grand total for all 50 Vinylmations without the Buy One Get One Free was $600!!! I got out the door for under $200 with sales tax! I was very happy!! I got the Vinylmations I wanted and then I got to head back to Dayton to wait to pick up My Cody.

Cody's flight wasn't due to land till Midnight!!! Then it got delayed by Thunderstorms in Denver. He didn't land till 2:30a.m.! What a long day it was! We ended up getting 4 hours of sleep that night/morning!
Cody & Me - 8.4.2011
We have been visiting with Family & Friends the last few days. Cody got to be reunited with Chloe! She hadn't seen him since he left for basic training!
Cody & ChloeMe Chloe & Muffins

Sorry for the lack of posts! I don't even get on my computer everyday! We are leaving Ohio August 20th to head to Wyoming! We are so excited and can't wait to start our new life together! FINALLY!


  1. HE'S HOME!!! So awesome. So jealous.. as I sit here with no Duane for the next few months. Cant wait to hear about Wyoming and see your new apartment.

  2. Never heard of vinylmation?? Interesting hobby...


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