Joining the Twilight Bandwagon

I hate to admit this.......

Twilight 1

But I guess I joined the "Twilight Bandwagon". I decided to rent the first movie the other night to see what the big deal was!! Well, I am sucked in now. I started reading the first book and I already went and saw New Moon. lol I don't like to read. It is rare for me to find something I can't sit down. With it being cold outside now and dark at 5pm, it is nice to crawl into bed with a book!

Twilight 3

Twilight 2

Twilight 4

Images are from Vanity Fair. I love photography and found these photos stunning.

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  1. I just saw New Moon on Friday and absolutely loved it! I've read all the books and saw the first movie and can't wait to see the next! What beautiful photos - I love the jumping one! Nice blog - following you!


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