Baby Furniture

I was searching the web for modern baby furniture and found this......

Its the "Avalon Collection" from Lullabys. Only problem, for me, is that you can only buy it if you live in the UK. I searched on the web everywhere hoping another website would have it!!! Nope. :( I like this furniture because it is ALL WHITE and has great lines!

I can find tons of modern cribs / furniture that I like, but its so expensive! I am way to "thrifty" to pay $1,600 for a crib! I just can't do it. I did find a few cribs I like......
This one is from Walmart for $300 ~

This one is Babies R Us for $300 ~

Can you tell I got "babies" on the brain? hahahaha

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  1. Hizees!
    I can't help but smile when I read your blogs about nurseries. Indeed you my friend have baby on the brain. Yes, baby stuff is expensive but since you're pretty crafty, you can make things work with a good eye and some paint. When you're pregnant, I'll hook you up with all the baby sites with the best Mod stuff. Oh, BTW, we bought that Walmart crib- all we did is paint the bottom ( which was wood) to orange. Now, if only we could get her to sleep in there :( Congrats on the Ikea gig.
    Mod Diva


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