waiting for mini mcdonald

I am obsessed with my Adobe Photo Shop Program and having a baby. I want to decorate a nursery so badly. I am not pregnant and should wait atleast till the end of the year to start trying to get pregnant. When I signed into my blog today, I saw that I had a new follower.

Her name is Jillian. She is having a baby girl in October. Her blog is "waiting for mini mcdonald". She is still trying to pick out her nursery decor and feels a bit overwhelmed with decisions. It is hard to pick your nursery decor! There are so many choices out there. As soon as you fall in love with one thing,.....you see something else!!!!! On her blog she is asking for advise. I thought with my sudden obsession with photo shop I would make her some design boards. :)

Design 1 ~ Girly MOD
Nursery Design Board - Scottlyn
Jillian seems to pick out modern decor the most. She likes green and pink together. (Which I must say, I also love this color combo!) This design is a bit "over the top" with the patterns and colors. It's a nursery I would love for my little girl.

Design 2 ~ Birds & Flowers
Scottlyn Design Board - Birds & Flowers
This nursery design is more calming. The design still has a modern feel & a girly look.

Design 3 ~ Pink Taffy
Scottlyn Design Board - Pink Taffy
Pink, pink, and some more pink. I love the "pink taffy" bedding.

I hope Jillian gets some ideas and inspiration from these design boards. If anyone wants to know where any of the items came from, just leave me a comment. I will get the link for you. :) Jessie


  1. Jessie! WOW! You've got serious talent, girl! I love all three designs - they are great!!!!

    I LOVE the mirror you chose for all three designs! Where did you find that? The lighting is also fab! I'm really drawn to the first and third design! In the first I love that you used the houndstooth bedding, as I've been leaning towards that one! I also love the RUG you chose! I love the over all feel!

    In the third design I'm LOVING the polka dot curtains WITH the two toned striped walls! LOVE THAT! I'm envisioning the curtains puddle at the bottom on the floor! Very Cool! The bedding and pink rug in this are also great!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to put all of that together! You are really good!!


  2. You are welcome. This was fun for me to do!!! Kids rooms are my favorite! You can have so much fun with colors and patterns.

    The curtains are from Bed Bath and Beyond. The lighting is from Target. The mirror is from Delias.

    Yes, the first design is my favorite. I don't know where the rug is from though. I found the picture on Design Dazzle. I searched a few websites hoping to find it, but no luck. That rug would be a great inspiration piece. With ALL those colors you could just start with the rug and go from there.

    I love striped walls! I have painted them a few times, and I always love the end result.

    Let me know if you have any more questions. I will keep checking out your blog. :) Good Luck.

  3. Hi Jessie,
    You did a fabulous job with the inspiration boards! Thanks for linking to my site. Please contact me;)


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